Vampires, Werewolves and other such things...

Welcome to my webshite! :D

The page is basically a place for me to introduce myself and invite you to play possibly one of the most addictive text based mutil-player rpg games ever...Immortal Night.

Frank-N-Furter, the man, the myth...the chick....O.o

When I started out in Immortal Night I was just 'myself', a bit of a strange woman with a love of flinging dirty diapers at my people, but one day I got VERY drunk, so drunk infact I woke up the next day as a man and married to a woman...over the next few days I got to know my new wifey (who by the way is awesome...<< >> <<...) and eventually decided to go all out and be the character Frank-N-Furter from "The Rocky Horror Show"...in for a penny in for a pound I say!

Frank-N-Furter [409086]


1.For the first 30 days, as long as you stay level 1, you can't be attacked by other players.

2.STAY OUT OF THE POW WOW FORUM! (their like hungry sharks in there)

3.'A shot of Vampire Venom' are worth $35,000-$40,000 EACH at the moment, don't let other players try and buy it off you any cheaper, it's a scam.  Same with the gold, sell it on 'The Gold Market' for $6000 a piece,  DON'T exchange it for $25 a piece in the 'Gold Exchange', it's an old game feature that hasn't been removed yet.

Have fun and happy hunting :D 

So, now you know the long and short of my creation...

As for the game itself, you either love it or hate it...kinda like me *grins*

At first I was pretty much lost as I'd never played a game like this before, but within a week I was pretty much into a routine. There is a lot of information to take in all in one hit so you're going to feel a bit swamped for a while. 

 Here is my referral link to 'Immortal Night', I get 10 gold pieces for each person that signs up via this link, so even if you have no interest in staying in the game, do me a favor and sign-up via the link.

And if you do sign up and end up staying....

You should be able to track me down ingame if you need any help/advice AND as I got you to join I promise to not rip your arms off and beat you to death the the soggy ends...unless you REALLY deserve it, which is a lot more restraint than anyone else gets from me...